Wednesday, April 14, 2010

what year are we in

i have been such a slack bum... well my sister is writing as i am waiting for my streaks to be ready to wash out and i really need to go to sleep cause she has had to listen to me and my whiney voice since 9.30pm....roll on 11.30 so i can wash this stuff out of my hair.

Both my hubbin and i are on a bit of an adventure down to the gold coast - off to watch the Outback Spectacular. Should be fun as the little lights of my life are not coming with us... just pure adult time.

The boys have been growing and growing... meatball is walking and starting to talk - very exciting little fellow, lumpy is a little terror as you would expect ...we have only just got the little blighter off to sleep... cheeky monkey was sneaking into the other kids bedrooms and playing. Sketti is doing well at school and still the cutest little boy - i am blessed with the bestest boys.

Okay that is all for now cause tracey has run out of nice things to type for me and is demanding i go and pour her a wine....

night to you all and have a fantastic day tomorrow... till i decide to find my blog to update .. have fun!


The Queen of Swag said...

Thanks for participating in my simple sundays blog