Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am soooo tired!!!

I simply adore each of my 3 children and am extremely lucky to have them but dear God they know how to ruin a perfectly good day before it is has even begun. I finished work last night at some ungodly hour then came home to the beautiful silence that was my children all fast asleep only to have 4 hours sleep then be jolted awake by the sound of Meatball going off his tits about god knows what! I love 4am in the morning, it is such a peaceful and tranquil time, well it's supposed to be!!! So after trying in vain to get him back to sleep I gave up and got up only to be further screamed at until the milk was ready. And of course now the larger 2 boys have awoken from their slumber and Meatball has drifted back to a peaceful sleep, I love motherhood! I am resigned to the fact that if I don't get at least an hour of sleep in today I am completely screwed for this evenings shift at work! Did I mention that I love motherhood!!!

I am back at work for 3 weeks whilst another girl gets married, I was shitting myself thinking that I would not remember anything and fail dismally but yey for me I've still got it. Although I will be only doing the 3 weeks work as I honestly just couldn't handle Meatball getting up at silly hours (uncharacteristically) then having to function until late it is a lovely and welcomed change from my 4 walls. And the money is great lol. And returning to work is also out as they have managed to give me 2 trainees to coach and I am still learning the new systems myself after not being there for 2 and a half years, a bit pissed about that but at least they will be taught properly I guess. Well that's it, pretty bloody boring I am, in a nutshell I work and I'm tired-same as the other 2.5million working mothers out there. I am such a whinger lol.....

I took Mum over to see Nana in the nursing home when she is now as she has dementia. She surprised the crap out of me and remembered all 3 of my boys and myself but also my mums name which she rarely remembers, she was having a good day. We took some photos and she chatted to the 2 younger boys as Sketti was with Hubbin working. Even though she has always been Nana {very long story} she is alot more tolerable now, not sure whether it's my age or just the fact that I see a very frail old lady who is lost....probably a mixture of both. Dementia is a terrible thing but at least she is sill alive, us relatives just have to roll with it I guess.

Got to go an break up Lumpy and Sketti before they kill each other....have a lovely day


tracey said...

aren't they just the cutest little terrors you have ever seen!