Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love my 3 little people

Well good morning to all, I am the slackest of slack and loving it. I am parking my arse today to have some me time which may just flow into tomorrow aswell. My beautiful children are running around the house having a blast with eachother whilst the youngest is having 5 minutes. I am so greatful the MP sleeps through all of the noise that his brothers create. Poor little bugger has his whole life ahead of him to be terrorised by his 2 older brothers and I feel so sorry for him. Lumpy and Sketti are wonderful big brothers to him {so far} and are gentle and loving but no doubt that will all change once MP starts getting mobile. I am still trying to get a nickname for MP, the only one that I have is bobblehead at the moment but no doubt he will get one soon enough.

The first few weeks of this year have been different, we had Hubbins Grandma and Aunt stay with us for a few days which was nice. Grandma is turning 90 this month and is still as sharp as a tack and just as funny to boot. She is a really lovely woman and I enjoyed talking to her for hours about a massive range of things. She's a gem. On the flip side my Hubbin turned into a wanker for 2 days but he is now hopefully back to normal as I jammed my foot clean up his arse. Poor guy marrying me, I did warn him though. I decided to try the shoe on the other foot thing yeaterday and changed one of my bad habits that I know truely pisses him off and low and behold it was a great success. Marriage is give and take but only when both sides both give and take that is. I am nearly on step 2 of his punishment, the first step was dragging him clothes shopping for 5 hours on Monday, funnily enough he never complained once lol!

Must away MP is awake....