Tuesday, September 09, 2008

spring glorious spring

Well thank god that winter is over! I am so slack only managing to blog once a month at best. No excuse just lazy! Poor Lumpy is cutting 3 teeth at once at the moment, top right molar, bottom left molar and 4th front bottom. Poor little fella, it must be hurting like hell. He is super clingy and super sick, the clingy part for me is good as it means lots more snuggles! Sketti is cruising along really well at school. Hubbin and I attended a parent teacher interview last week to be shocked by the fact that the is over a year ahead in both his reading and maths. Noice!!! Very proud of our biggest monkey! He had a funky hair day at school last week which resulted in my son looking like a member from the band The Living End.

Have been floating through my pregnancy with a small pang of worry butting in every once and a while. I am worried about how I will adjust to having two under 2 years old. It was such an easy transition having the two boys 6 years apart as Sketti is so independent but I worry now how Lumpy will cope with having to share mummy with Sketti and the new baby, I guess that time will tell....

We splurged and bought a new car after the Laser had a fight with a kangaroo and lost. One sparkly new Black Ford Territory now resides in our garage with a sizable debt residing in our bank balance. Oh well can't take it with you once your gone I suppose. Rather a lovely car to drive, still miss driving my trusty old Camry though. Hubbin has claimed it for his work car so whenever I can nick it to go to the shops I do as I love my car and would be just as happy to have it full time and he have the Territory. We decided on getting a 7 seater as we breed like rabbits and are hoping for 5 children thus the need for 7 seats!

Hubbin is getting excited about qualifying at the end of November, finally finishing his Electrical Apprenticeship. Funny part about it though is that once again we have a baby being welcomed into the world at the exact same time as he is due to do his last block of Tafe to qualify. I think that I am more nervous than what he is as it will be such a massive load for him to carry, finishing his exams, new baby, wife and 2 boys all contending for his time. Very lucky and blessed to have him as my best friend, husband and father of my children, even the bad is forgotten because of all of the good.

Can't wait until Christmas this year, having my family here instead of his family will be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
wonderful for once. I have not spent Christmas with my family for the last 3 years so it will be a welcome change! My big Sis is having a birthday on Friday which we were supposed to be going to Brissy for but in a crappy turn of events we will be unable to make it, hopefully she has a magnificent day and gets spoilt rotten as she is definitely one lady who truly deserves it. Well I'm off as I am boring and need to finish my layout from last week- told you I was slack

Keep safe....