Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of my life...

I woke up this morning and stuck on my nicotine patch. Day 1 for giving up smoking. Finally have got to the stage in my life where I am nearing 30 and need to start prioritising. My children are my world and I am a massive part of theirs and they need their mum around for as long as I can be, so after smoking for over half my life {which might I add is disgusting as I am only 27} I need to quit. Not only will the extra years on my life be wonderful but the new car that Hubbin and I are saving for will be even more enjoyable to drive knowing that I am that little bit healthier. I actually worked out that we were spending over $120 a week between us on cigarettes and that is a car payment. Sparkling new car for a job well done I reckon.

So I am also into the 20th week of my 8th pregnancy so I have started to relax. I have a bad track record with keeping babies where they need to be so 20 weeks is awesome! We have chosen the name Archer Patrick for our new bouncing baby boy due in November. Hubbin and Sketti don't know what sex the new baby is so I am doing remarkably well for keeping that secret. I keep throwing in a she or her remark when talking about the baby to keep Hubbin guessing. So far so good!

Lumpy had his first haircut a few weeks ago so now he actually looks like a male as opposed to a woolly mammoth lol! Sketti and Hubbin are due to be on television within two weeks in a show about Judo and our Judo club Noice! Sketti was so funny as they camera people were trying to prompt him with things to say but he just kept yabbering about what he wanted to. Very typical behaviour for a child of mine! Sketti did super well with his report card which Hubbin and I were stoked about.

Will be travelling to Brisvegas next weekend for a Judo competition, have told Sketti that if he tries his best then he will be geting a pet for his room, funny part is that he is thinking along the lines of a snake, guinea pig or rat { disgusting} but alas for him it will be a fish. He needs a bit of responsibility of his very own, and I have to let him have it. I have only just recently cut my umbilical cord with him and I have to let my baby grow up.

Have a splendid day, I need to keep busy as to avoid the dreaded failure of having a cigarette.....