Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A month later still tired!!!

I can not believe how much energy that this new baby is sucking out of me! I am so exhausted from doing nothing all the time. By 11am I need a nanny nap then if I had a choice I would have another one at 4pm! Damn those multivitamins that cost a fortune and do jack shit! I need a natural tonic to keep me with eyes open for the majority of the day, damn shame that I don't do vegie drinks etc they would probably help.

I have signed up for face book recently and am disgusted at how much time I actually spend on it. Apart from catching up with a crap load of friends that I haven't seen in years I love my Vampire! There is nothing better than turning off my computer knowing that I have beaten one of Hubbins friends who is 3 times more powerful than me and that I will get a message in my inbox tomorrow from him! HA HA my vampire kicks arse!


My Lumpy is being wonderful lately. He is now one millisecond off running, and is so very interactive. You can ask him a question and he will either nod yes or no to answer you. It's so cool! Sketti is missing a front tooth FINALLY!!! Took a lot of convincing to let Daddy tie dental floss around it and give it a yank, but after a visit to the doctors to confirm that it was severly infected as the next one was trying to come down he relented and out she came!! Lucky for him too as I was cracking the craps at him telling him that if I had to take him to the dentist to pay to get it extracted then he was so in for it! No money left in his bank account was the punishment he was not looking forward to. Nasty parents!!!
I am off to rest my weary head as I am getting the dreaded flu as my boys love to share, be good and be safe...