Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So we had a tournament for Judo last night and Sketti fought 3 times and won all three, then it got even better as he got awarded a trophey for Best Technique out of about 35 competetors. At the very least I was stoked. Had a rather shit hot day yesterday as it was with Hubbin giving me a lovely card telling me in his words how much he loves me, we are still in the honeymoon stage so I will suck these moments up for the next year or so before they start to dry up and I have to pre-purchase the cards for him to write in LOL!!!

Have been being rather slack on the home front with shit loads of power cleaning going on as I have been sitting on my rump too much, atleast I have got a few layouts done whilst I have been bludging. I should learn to look at my Big Sister's blog after I have uploaded mine then I won't sit there and say how shit my pages are. Never mind I am getting better, I just have to keep learning. Mind you I have a bloody awesome teacher I would just like to add!!!

So master Lumpy is now at the stage of free standing, he took one small step yesterday but then lost all confidence when I started carrying on like a porkchop so down he sat. He is super funny as when he lets go and is standing there he starts clapping at his effort and gets this magnificent face on as if to say "Look what I can do Mummy". It is truely remarkable being a mother and it is something that I wouldn't change for all of the money in the world.
So that is the life of me short and sweet sort of like me apart from the sweet part. I need to feed Lumpy and aparently Sketti is brushing his teeth so I need to go and make him actually brush them. Have a truely magnificent day today, tomorrow and the next...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's a 'to- do day' today in my house. Finally dropped off wedding photos that I took for my friend 3 weeks ago, no rush I live in the country!!! Decided to really get stuck in to the organising of my mother's group that I have been wanting to start for months. Have 10 ladies & 11 children all rearing to go next Tuesday. We have what is called an "up collar club" where I live, which consists of a few women who think that because their bank balance is larger that they are better. And to that I say F*CK THAT!!! Money does not make a person especially when we are all the same if we close our eyes. So I figured that I would start our own mother's group where there will be "no looking down their nose at anyone" policy for all that attend. Pretty sure though that with my group of friends that it will definately not happen as they are all feral like me LOL!!!

So 2 down only a kabillion to go. Have almost finished my page to upload but it has done my head in for a week so it is still sitting on the table whilst I procrastinate some more. Lumpy has finally returned to my precious angel after cross-cutting his first 4 teeth. Didn't realise that life was so hard for infants but apparently it is if you have been listening to my son for the last 2 weeks.

Valentines day has come and gone for another year, Hubbin was stoked with his gift. Cheap and effective is my motto. He on the other hand went to effort and I got perfume and better still Sketti got me a long stem red rose so I was floating for the day. I felt pretty crappy as I only gave Sketti a card and a Freddo frog from the fridge but he was rapt. Amazing how simple things like chocolate can make someones day!!!

Some days I wish that I lived around the corner from my family in Brisbane....one because I had to weed my pavers and my sister in law K so loves the outdoors LOL, and 2 because I would give my big sis a huge cuddle and tell her that I love her. Sometimes I miss her so much that I have the "moving talk" with Hubbin, but unfortunately we have to wait until he is finished his apprenticeship. So since you are reading this my big sis "I LOVE YOU", I am so blessed to have you in my life, as not only my sister but my best friend. The old saying goes 'you can't choose your family but you can choose your friend', in both instances I would choose you. And yes I am crying...

So that it is for today, boring yes but made you read it all LOL!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I LOVE EBAY!!! Bad me... New jewellrey NOICE, new clothes NOICE, new clothes for the boys NOICE!!! Very very bad!!! Anywho, had a simply glorious time at the wedding of B & K on the weekend, took around 200 photos for them to pour through. Danced, ate & smiled what more could you possibly want from a wedding. Hubbin looked shit hot in his suit as he always does, smicked myself out in a dress, heals and oh my god I put on make up!!! Buggers me how to do it but I had a crack at it & it looked o.k so off we toddled. It was the first time since we had Lumpy that we had gone out as a couple & he is 11 months old next Tuesday. Was a bit scarred about leaving Nanny to babysit my 2 most precious possessions but she did a great job & I am grateful to her.

Had a wonderful day yesterday, Hubbin has been at Tafe doing his 3rd year block of exams for his electrical apprenticeship & he arrived home with a beautiful bunch of flowers and also another flashdrive for me, lovely fella he is. I am rather spoilt!!! Sketti started Judo again this year so he starts training this coming Monday, should be good for him to get back to it as he does ever so well at it. He is such a funny little bugger stating to me yesterday that we would have to get a larger trophey cabinet for his trophies that he is going to get this year, rather cocky for a 6 year old!!! Nevertheless I am glad that he is looking at it positively & hope that he achieves what he wants to through the sport.

Lumpy is walking along furniture now and using his walker so I presume that it won't be long before he is strolling around the house. Sketti is so excited at every new thing that his little brother is doing, he gets so very proud of him. He is the first to tell his Dad as soon as he walks hrough the door each day, little things like that make motherhood and all it's trials worth it...