Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just to exhale is nice....

Oh my god my house gave me a glorious example of the words "the silly season." The lead up to Christmas Day is always fun in my world, the day is way to hectic, rushed and panicked and the day after consists of cleaning up then attempting to find a place to put all of the toys that we bought Lumpy and Sketti thinking that they were good ideas and a bargain.
Christmas morning started with 5 loads of washing due to an accident overnight. My wonderful Hubbin proceeded to hang all of the sheets & blankets out for me whilst I madly cooked bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast, spaghetti & baked beans for a big Christmas breakfast. After clean up #2 we all proceeded to the Christmas Tree for the mountains of wrapping paper and gifts. There were squeals of delight & smiles all round this year which is always a wonderful way to spend Christmas. Hubbin & I weren't in the most happiest of Christmas moods due to losing our baby on Christmas Eve but all the same we had a lovely day. Sketti was absolutely stoked with all of his gifts, of course his 3 fav things were his WWE (wrestling crap) wrestling ring, his WWE computer game and his Spiderman blow art pen thingy. Lumpy's favourite thing of course was all of the wrapping paper which he happily sat on daddy's knee ingesting. I love baby's 1st Christmas as we put so much effort into finding presents that will suit their age at the time and all they are wanting to do is to eat the wrapping, or the box which contains the gift. It is something that would have to be one of my favourite memories of Christmas.......

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What a way to start the day.....

Open eyes, yawn, holy shit Hubbin weren't you supposed to start work at 5am instead of 6am today??? Whoops! So into the kitchen I trudge to make Lumpy's porridge when I happened to glance at the fish tank and there was Nemo (very original name I know for an orange goldfish) kinked and floating at the top of the tank, so into the toilet with the blu loo our faithful fish went and into fishy heaven. Then I heard the pounding of Skettis' feet at he made his way into the kitchen, and silly me was waiting for "good morning mummy" but alas all I got was "can I go in the pool now"!!! There was a reply on my behalf of "no honey it is a really yucky day today so we will be having inside time". A grunt and half a tantrum later we had started the day.GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! The wonderful part to my morning was that I finished my 6th page for my wedding album, sort of had it planned that I would have my album done and dusted before our first anniversary YEAH RIGHT!! My big sis makes scrapping look so effortless as she is bloody brilliant at it (can you taste the envy LOL!) and I just plod along being extremely indecisive and eventually say to myself "do you know what stuff it that will do."
Had so many aspirations to make my house all sparkly today on lieu of Hubbins parents arriving tomorrow but I am of the frame of mind that I should park my butt all day and scrap as I have been re-infested with the bug!!! My oh my how lazy will I allow myself to become today. I figured that if I chuck a roast in the oven around 3pm then it will look as though I have been super busy today.
We had a lovely afternoon with the neighbours yesterday as they were fantastic and helped us to erect our pool. Thank you G & S!!! Then we all had pizza and relaxed, there is nothing better than living far enough from the major cities but close enough for Eagle Boys to open up!! Country life with city comforts NOICE!!
Have a glorious day!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My memory board that I made for my mum for Xmas

The Mini Christmas cakes that Sketti & I made for gifts

The cakes are done and yeah for me for uploading a photo. (By the way I am computer illiterate.) Managed to do the last of my Christmas shopping for mum yesterday, I mean who doesn't need a door mat.... Whilst checking the bank balance I discovered a great deal of $$$ missing; am hoping for Hubbins' sake it was to purchase our new camera although I would be just as happy to walk out on Christmas morning to a shining black Lexus in our driveway!! LOL Had to order more stupid sand for the stupid pool as I didn't order enough stupid sand yesterday. Of course you only discover that you need more after levelling the sand and then reading the instruction sheet stating that you need x amount of coverage. Our wonderful neighbour St George helped us and rather cheekily added that "we don't need women" after I mentioned the fact that the levelled sand didn't seem wide enough for the pool. Well bugger me men do need women as I was right and the boys were wrong thus having to re-order more sand.
I managed to somehow eat about 15 cherry centred truffles that I had apparently made for Christmas yesterday so off to the kitchen I go AGAIN today to make more food. Our final count for Christmas breakfast it 12 and Christmas lunch is 14. Oh dear!! I think that I have it all under control (hopefully). We have decided on a hot and cold Christmas lunch, maple glazed ham,turkey, pork & chicken for the meats then salads and roast vegetables for lunch. Yummo!!
Have a wonderful day

Monday, December 17, 2007


.....And then I forgot about our lovely weekend aswell. Off to Brisbane we popped to visit family and pick up our swimming pool that Santa had graciously dropped at my brothers (thanks K). After snuggles with my nieces off we trod to my sista's place. Had a bloody wonderful time and for the first time in I don't know how long I went to bed before 2am, but alas my sista and Hubbin did not. They were both magnificent sights the next morning I must say. Then pile the family back into the car and off to my brothers' to fit a very large box (and I mean very large box) into the boot along with the bassinette. Needless to say the box stayed at my brothers and the contents came home. Yet strangely enough I could still find room to fit my 2 bags from Lincraft in the boot. The Hubbin needed chlorine and I needed well nothing really but I got heaps of crap anyway .Tee Hee . Now away I must as I need food!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Blogger: my sista made me do it - Manage Posts

Blogger: my sista made me do it - Manage Posts: "Tis the season to......................

Tis the season to...................get messy in the kitchen!!! Mental note to self, when Sketti says 'can I help you' (in regards to the mini christmas cakes that I am attempting for the first time) I should say 'maybe you can help me wrap them' instead of 'sure can!!!' After the initial rules and regulations as to what he should and shouldn't do when using food dye,a paintbrush & white fondant icing, we were away. Dear god in heaven the boy has a steady hand and actually listened to every word that I spoke!! Brilliant child I have. Then out came the truffles recipe and the rocky road recipe and the bathroom scales went into the cupboard where they will dwell in darkness until I see fit to let them return to my bathroom floor. Oh dear, lucky for me that number 3 child is on the way and I will be able to blame Christmas on needing to eat for 2!! LOL!! We had our sand delivered today for our pool so Hubbin will be so very happy when he gets home and I hand him a shovel, a kiss and point to the pile whilst smiling. Tomorrow it is to the shops to find a gift for mum & her partner ( yes my sister I can already feel your fingers typing me an email with alot of useful suggestions). Lol! Lumpy is having a glorious sleep whilst Sketti has jumped the fence and is relaxing in next doors' pool. Poor fella must be exhausted from all of the cooking that he volunteered for this morn. Well must scoot I need food!!!!!"

Friday, December 14, 2007

I am a virgin blogger no more!!!!! Today has thus far entailed a visit to my friend S.R. and a cuddle with her son T. He is sooo very big now. My two boys Sketti who is 6 and Lumpy who is 9 months next week enjoyed all of the cuddles that they were inundated with from S.R. Lumpy is have a midday nap and Sketti is madly jumping around infront of the Playstation. Oh the joys of school holidays!! I managed to get the last of my Christmas shopping done yesterday thank god that's finished!! My beautiful hubbin C's parents are due next Thursday so it was wonderful to get the last of the shopping for them done and put under the tree. We are off to stay with my big sis on the weekend ( thus the title of my blog ) so undoubtably an amount of scrapping or scrap shopping will be done, but as to the size of the amount only time will tell. Need to refuel my empty stomach and feed the jumping jelly bean before master Lumpy wakes. Be Safe