Wednesday, April 14, 2010

what year are we in

i have been such a slack bum... well my sister is writing as i am waiting for my streaks to be ready to wash out and i really need to go to sleep cause she has had to listen to me and my whiney voice since 9.30pm....roll on 11.30 so i can wash this stuff out of my hair.

Both my hubbin and i are on a bit of an adventure down to the gold coast - off to watch the Outback Spectacular. Should be fun as the little lights of my life are not coming with us... just pure adult time.

The boys have been growing and growing... meatball is walking and starting to talk - very exciting little fellow, lumpy is a little terror as you would expect ...we have only just got the little blighter off to sleep... cheeky monkey was sneaking into the other kids bedrooms and playing. Sketti is doing well at school and still the cutest little boy - i am blessed with the bestest boys.

Okay that is all for now cause tracey has run out of nice things to type for me and is demanding i go and pour her a wine....

night to you all and have a fantastic day tomorrow... till i decide to find my blog to update .. have fun!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Gosh I've been rather slack huh......

I am super slack in the posting department huh!!! Lots has been happening. Meatball is now crawling nearly walking, Lumpy is being a 2 year old {lol} and Sketti is still my "broke the mould" child. I wish that I still could raise Lumpy and Meatball the way that Sketti was raised as he's a bloody gem! Hubbin broke his leg whilst training at Judo and was home for 7 weeks.... was fantastic! Got my kitchen renovated, caught up on a heap of my "to do "list,
almost got him up on the roof to paint it but thought that I was pushing my luck lol.

My beautiful figurines from my beautiful boys

Our 1st ever family portrait...I need to photoshop my hair lol

Been to Brisbane a few times, finally made it to my Dad's grave which I haven't done in 6 years. Made good with my second eldest sister after over 10 years of ignoration on both of our behalfs. It's amazing how easy it is to forget the actual reasons that you stop speaking to someone. It is also a shame that I was immature enough to allow it to take 10 years of my life with someone away. Lots of other stuff but couldn't be bothered writing it....

Cheeky boy my Meatball

Turned almost old so thought that I would mark the day by getting a copyright symbol later and my arse will never be the same. Figured it was indicative of the person that I am to copyright my butt...not that I have a good arse mind you but alas it is mine lol....Got some really lovely gifts too for my birthday which was a definite jump up on last years efforts. Managed to get birthday cake for breakfast in bed off Hubbin and the boys and
scored one for morning tea off a friend as well....needless to say I had no lunch that day as I was going to vomit due to all of the cake!!!!

My tiny tat...

The cake that Hubbin made for my birthday

Took the boys on a holiday to Currumbin a few months back which was freaking awesome. They had a magnificent time at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and the beach. We managed to get a fantastic deal on a unit right on the beach so off we went and had a bloody ball....can't wait until we get to go again.

I hope they stay like this forever....

My beautiful boy...

At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Last weekend we went to Oakey air base for their annual fly in and the boys had the best day. They got to clamber through cockpits and watch aeronautical displays. I saw a twinkle in Lumpy's eye that I have never seen before so maybe he has plans for his future already. Needless to say he took 5 minutes flat to fall asleep in the car on the way home as he was constant all day....never seen both the older 2 so excited....was really great!!!

Flying a plane lol

Have been really hectic with Judo lately. Got reappointed as fundraising coordinator again this year which I really enjoy doing. Organised a BBQ outside our local Woolworth last weekend and made Just under $250.00 which was fantastic!!! Currently organising our Tournament and also Christmas multi-draw raffle. Tournament is the beginning of next month and we get clubs from as far away as Lismore attend so it's really good for our little club! Even started doing Judo myself until Hubbin broke his leg..decided to stop until he was back at work just in case I hurt myself as well...bills wouldn't get paid with 2 of us out of action! Back to it on Monday though. Hubbin and I will also be training the juniors next year which should be fun.

Medal of participation in the Queensland State Titles

Well I'm off got housework to do....have a great day........

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am soooo tired!!!

I simply adore each of my 3 children and am extremely lucky to have them but dear God they know how to ruin a perfectly good day before it is has even begun. I finished work last night at some ungodly hour then came home to the beautiful silence that was my children all fast asleep only to have 4 hours sleep then be jolted awake by the sound of Meatball going off his tits about god knows what! I love 4am in the morning, it is such a peaceful and tranquil time, well it's supposed to be!!! So after trying in vain to get him back to sleep I gave up and got up only to be further screamed at until the milk was ready. And of course now the larger 2 boys have awoken from their slumber and Meatball has drifted back to a peaceful sleep, I love motherhood! I am resigned to the fact that if I don't get at least an hour of sleep in today I am completely screwed for this evenings shift at work! Did I mention that I love motherhood!!!

I am back at work for 3 weeks whilst another girl gets married, I was shitting myself thinking that I would not remember anything and fail dismally but yey for me I've still got it. Although I will be only doing the 3 weeks work as I honestly just couldn't handle Meatball getting up at silly hours (uncharacteristically) then having to function until late it is a lovely and welcomed change from my 4 walls. And the money is great lol. And returning to work is also out as they have managed to give me 2 trainees to coach and I am still learning the new systems myself after not being there for 2 and a half years, a bit pissed about that but at least they will be taught properly I guess. Well that's it, pretty bloody boring I am, in a nutshell I work and I'm tired-same as the other 2.5million working mothers out there. I am such a whinger lol.....

I took Mum over to see Nana in the nursing home when she is now as she has dementia. She surprised the crap out of me and remembered all 3 of my boys and myself but also my mums name which she rarely remembers, she was having a good day. We took some photos and she chatted to the 2 younger boys as Sketti was with Hubbin working. Even though she has always been Nana {very long story} she is alot more tolerable now, not sure whether it's my age or just the fact that I see a very frail old lady who is lost....probably a mixture of both. Dementia is a terrible thing but at least she is sill alive, us relatives just have to roll with it I guess.

Got to go an break up Lumpy and Sketti before they kill each other....have a lovely day

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Super busy but not much doing!!!

Have been rather busy of late but alas not much to show for it apart from 3 fully functioning beautiful children, got to love motherhood. Had a few opportunities to sit down and scrap my ever growing pile of photos, and of course found time to buy more supplies. Meatball as I will call him for now {keeping Big Sis happy lol}, is growing into a fine specimen of a baby. I gave up breastfeeding this week as I have been really ill for the last month and there was no indication of me getting better and meatball was starting to get unsettled as my milk just wasn't cutting it. I was so sad to give up breastfeeding with Lumpy and Sketti, but such a relief has washed over me since I stopped feeding Meatball. He has been a really difficult feeder from day one and I persisted for the sake of him but dear God I am so glad that it is over!

Been applying for a few grants lately trying to improve our local Judo club, fingers crossed that one of them gets approved. We are looking at taking Sketti to state titles in April so I hope that he has a really good time and loves the experience. I left the choice up to him as to whether or not he wanted to go and he said that he would. Means a trip to Brissy so I can catch up with my family YEY! It's good living away as you aren't in each others pockets but it sucks as I miss so much of my nieces and nephews everyday life. {And my brother and sister as well}.

Hubbin qualifies in June so we are in countdown mode for that. I am looking at throwing him a surprise birthday party and qualifying party in one as he qualifies the day before his 33rd birthday. Just got to keep it a secret whilst I work out the nitty gritty of it. His birthday falls on a Sunday so it looks as though he will be hungover for that.
Lumpy has been quite amusing of late, see he is turning 2 next month and has been lets say testing his boundaries. He is just working out who he is and exploring the world but the problem is that he is alot like his father and goes abit too far quite often. Never mind, I manage to see the funny side of it majority of times. Lucky for him that I don't wear any of the make-up that he discovered the other day or he would have been in deep shit. Then of course there was the tissues and the toilet roll and the baby oil in the bathroom, he is such an explorer!
Sketti turns 8 this month which is sad as he is becoming such a big boy. He is such a beautifully spirited child and I am truly blessed to have him as my son. We are looking at getting him a new bike for his birthday along with all of the other crap stashed away in the cupboard. Well I need to go as unfortunately my washing still hasn't worked out how to get itself off the line. Have a truly fantabulous day...